Studying and observing people's behaviour is what made me realize how human needs are deeply integrated in experiences, aesthetic, and culture.

Based in Munich, for the past two years I’ve been working with clients stretching from FinTech, E-Commerce, Mobility and Health across multiple platforms, and systems.

I graduated in fashion design at ESMOD Munich in 2012. My first working experience was in fashion styling & photography, which led me to an entry position at a fashion design agency as an Art Director. Gradually, I moved from print to digital design. It’s in 2017, when I was concerned with the return of investment in design. Then I began to think and work as a UX/UI Designer.

User Experience & UI Designer


In Design, User & Business needs can be accomplished across 3 focus areas:




Strategy manifests in a lot of different ways depending what is exactly needed for the project, but to put it simply: Strategy addresses fundamental questions.

The focus for strategy is in-depth User Research and understanding the Business Constraints.




Often the strongest strategy concept will graduate from wireframes to polished and animated prototypes.

In this phase iteration is the key ingredient for product implementation. Usability tests are being performed to map out the correct User Journey and Information Architecture.




Collected user feedback is applied to both interactive and visual improvements. Evaluating and testing again is crucial because new features will come up that haven’t been thought of before.

This is usually the *last step in a User-Centered Design process before the product launch.

*It is advisable to continually observe the user needs and behaviour, to evaluate and implement new improvements. Constant improvements lead to a delightful User Experience, and Innovations.


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