Daylight to Night Analog Clock

Use Case: Background for Apple CarPlay


Daily UI Challenge

I am currently completing various UI / UX tasks over the next 100 days. The premise of this challenge is to create quick UI mini projects. Ideally, each task should be completed in one day i.e. couple of hours.

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004 Calculator.jpg-large.jpg

Calculator App


Compass App Icon

#005 App Icon.png
#002 Credit Card Checkout Animation.gif

Credit Card Checkout

#008 Animation 404 Page.gif

404 Page (Desktop)

404’s don’t have to be frustrating for the user, or any Error pages. The thought behind this specific 404 Page was to entertain the user at least for a split of a second. Drawbacks happen constantly and the better if the user can at least smile about it (and if he is a tennis fan by chance).