The views from this case study is strictly my own and is not reflective of Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia in its entity. As a relatively new designer, I'm acknowledging that my vision might be overly ambitious. This case study is not meant to be comprehensive or missleading in any way. 

I developed the idea for this prototype at a Hackathon event in November 2017.  For this case study I was able to incorporate some of the observations and ideas from my personal experiences working with Alzheimer's Disease (AD) and Dementia patients (working over the Summer for a few months with elders suffering from AD) while I was still in school studying fashion design. Appheimer is aimed at stage 4: mild Alzheimer’s and stage 5: moderate dementia patients. I'm aware as AD progresses to the end stadiums, the app might not be effective for the individual, because they will need all day monitoring and intense care through-out their daily life.

In this case study I chose not to present all features and functions of Appheimer, while the prototype is still being tested.


This prototype is not allowed to be re-distributed, copied and used for any commercial purposses or derivative works.


Linking to this Case Study and Website is permitted provided that the links are clearly acknowledged.